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Miguel Xavier presents a concert with scenic direction by Ricardo Pais, in the next 20th july, by 21:30h, at Jardim de Verão of Calouste Gulbenkian Foudation.

Fadista Miguel Xavier has a new album, that debuts him in the Portuguese fado world, and presents it, this afternoon, live in Jornal de Notícias newsroom. You can follow live through Facebook and Instagram.

Miguel Xavier is a young fadista that thrills in each verse sung. He won the Concurso de Fado of Lordelo do Ouro, in Porto, and took part in Caixa Ribeiro 2015 and Caixa Alfama 2015 and 2016.

Miguel Xavier was born in 1995, in Guimarães. Fado came to his life very early, by the hand of his paternal grandmother, who decorated his childhood with the records of the fado universe biggest references.

Miguel Xavier, 23 years old, considers himself one traditional fadista, who has the taste to look to the tradition and tries to understand the fadistas at their period.